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How Satori Enables Cost-Efficiency for Data-Driven Organizations

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In the current data-driven landscape data security and privacy can no longer be viewed as separate functions but rather as interdependent aspects of a democratized data culture. To facilitate data democratization, organizations need to implement secure and automated access controls to enable efficient data sharing and informed decision-making. 


According to a recent S&P report, automation is the missing link for organizations to leverage increasing volumes of data and maintain scalability. We explore how Satori’s data security platform provides automated and secure access to data ensuring both compliance and security while also boosting productivity to help data-driven companies achieve cost efficiency.

Challenges to Becoming More Data-Driven

According to the S&P’s Research’s Voice of the Enterprise survey, the majority of respondents are concerned about data and data security. The report went on to detail the main challenges that data-driven organizations face which include:

  • data security
  • availability of budget
  • data governance
  • lack of automation
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How Satori Overcomes These Challenges

Satori enables organizations to overcome these challenges and take advantage of cost-efficient solutions through the following capabilities. 

1. Develop a Data Security and Privacy Data Culture

Satori’s comprehensive data governance platform provides granular access controls, data classification, and auditing capabilities that enable organizations to manage their data securely and meet compliance requirements. This allows organizations to implement security and privacy best practices that leverage data, securely.

2. Maintain and Exceed Security and Compliance

Using Satori’s data security platform organizations can set up and enforce security and compliance measures across the data infrastructure. The ability to obtain real-time monitoring and alerts for potential data breaches, along with granular access controls and data classification prevents unauthorized access. 


Satori also simplifies compliance reporting by providing detailed audit trails and automated reports. By leveraging Satori’s platform, organizations can prevent data breaches, reduce the risk of regulatory fines, and continue to leverage data seamlessly for legitimate business purposes.

3. User-Friendly Approaches

Satori provides a solution to the extensive manual setup work associated with security and privacy by offering a comprehensive, easy-to-use data governance platform that eliminates the need for custom code and database architecture. Satori’s platform includes pre-built integrations with popular data sources and tools, along with built-in security and privacy features that can be easily configured and customized to an organization’s specific needs. This approach saves time and resources by reducing the need for specialized skills and tedious manual work.


With Satori, organizations can focus on their core business objectives while ensuring that their data is secure and compliant. The user-friendly interface and automation capabilities enable organizations to quickly implement security and privacy measures without requiring extensive technical knowledge. This not only reduces costs but also increases the availability of the workforce and expands the pool of individuals who can perform these tasks. Overall, Satori’s approach to data governance simplifies the process of implementing security and privacy measures, resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency.

The Importance of Automation

The S&P report indicated that automation is the most important contributor to the cost-efficiency of data security. Automation is critical for ensuring consistency and scale over time. It is necessary for both data security and data leverage. With data volumes continuing to grow and IT ecosystems growing more complex, manual processes for managing data are nearly impossible to maintain and scale. 


Automation of access controls can both galvanize the organization’s compliance and security stance and help workers routinely access and leverage the data they need securely. Not only is automation necessary from a technological perspective to control access to data, but it is necessary to ensure the timely delivery of relevant information to those who need it. Automation is crucial for ensuring consistency and scalability, enabling organizations to maintain control over their data while managing the increasing volume and complexity of information.

How Satori Automates Access to Data

Satori’s Data Security Platform provides an alternative to the clumsy manual approach to granting access to data by offering a comprehensive data security platform that leverages automation to streamline data management tasks. Satori’s data security platform automates many manual tasks associated with data governance, such as data classification and access control, enabling organizations to efficiently manage their data at scale.


Satori’s data security platform includes integrations (with Slack, Jira, etc.) enabling organizations to quickly automate data management tasks without requiring any additional code. Satori can also automatically scan data stores, locate sensitive data and classify it, eliminating the need for manual classification. Satori’s self-service access to data provides data consumers with the option to self-select those datasets that they require by applying predetermined security policies. This enables data consumers to optimize their decision making and reduce their costs. 


The ability to provide just-in-time access controls through automated processes reduces the burden on DevOps and data engineering teams, which reduces time and resources burden and significantly reduces the cost spent on manually granting access. Further, this frees up these teams to pursue productive avenues enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organization. 


By leveraging Satori’s Data Security Platform organizations can automate many of the manual tasks associated with data governance, enabling them to efficiently manage their data at scale while maintaining control. This approach reduces the need for specialized skills and manual effort, freeing up resources for other critical business tasks. Satori simplifies the process of managing complex cloud data environments, allowing organizations to focus on their core business objectives.


Satori’s data security platform automates and secures access to data. The ability to streamline access to data ensures that data-driven organizations are able to use self-service and just-in-time access controls improving the time-to-value. Also, Satori’s monitoring and auditing managers give organizations the ability to ensure compliance. Altogether these automated processes help data-driven organizations become more cost-efficient. 


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