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Satori and Cockroach Labs Partner to Provide Secure, Simple, & Resilient Data Access

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Today, Satori and CockroachDB are announcing a partnership that will enable existing and new Satori and CockroachDB users to enjoy a synergy between the capabilities of both products.

Satori, the DataSecOps platform, enables companies to streamline access to sensitive data and shorten the time it takes to provide data access while enhancing security features.

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database designed for speed, scale, and survival. It is, by nature, highly distributed, it scales fast, and it is resilient to disasters.

What Are CockroachDB Customers Looking For?

CockroachDB offers great value in scalability and fault tolerance. It is used by hundreds of companies and millions of users across a variety of data processing use cases.

In many cases, companies using CockroachDB have security and compliance requirements, such as applying fine-grained access controls on the data being accessed (e.g., attribute-based access control or dynamic data masking), configuring continuous discovery and protection of sensitive data, or implementing workflows to access data.

CockroachDB users can write their own custom code to implement such data security and access control requirements. However, doing so is often resource-consuming and distracts from the core value of these companies.

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Adding DataSecOps to CockroachDB Deployments

As of today, Satori is a validated, recommended solution for securing user access to CockroachDB.

By adding Satori to the data stack, as a security layer between data users and CockroachDB, companies can address the challenges described above and gain the following benefits.

Discovering Sensitive Data in Your CockroachDB Clusters

As soon as Satori is activated, it discovers sensitive data across all of your data locations, as they are being accessed. This means that you will have a continuously updated data inventory that includes all locations with sensitive data in your CockroachDB clusters. This also means that, as soon as sensitive data is detected, you will know about it.

Managing Access to Data in Scale

With Satori, you will be able to manage access to datasets, whether they are single tables, collections of tables, databases, or even data that is partly on CockroachDB and partly on other data stores.

You can then manage access to this data in a way that is decoupled from the data infrastructure itself. This means that data owners and security teams can now control access to specific data, including applying security policies (e.g., dynamic masking or row-level security), without running any code on the database itself.

Automated Access Workflows

With Satori, you can also define access control workflows. You can set groups that will be able to apply for access to datasets. Members of such groups can then automatically gain access to the data following approval from data owners, without requiring data engineering resources. You can even define automated access controls without the need for approval (rather people only need to give a business justification for accessing the data).

Single Pane Audit Reporting

In Satori, you will also get rich reporting and logging capabilities, including an audit log of all data access in all your CockroachDB servers (and other data stores). The audit logs not only contain the users and queries but also have the types of sensitive data (if any) which were accessed.

Adding Satori is non-disruptive: Satori adds no objects, roles, grants, views, or functions to your CockroachDB clusters. 

Trying Out Satori and CockroachDB

In our Satori test drive, we have already set up a CockroachDB server for you to try out. If you give it a try, you will see that it takes less than five minutes to be up and running.

Setting Up Your CockroachDB Server with Satori

Setting up Satori for CockroachDB only takes minutes and requires no downtime if you follow these steps:

  1. If you do not already have a Satori account, register for a test drive account.
  2. Choose “Data Stores” in the navigation bar.
  3. Add a CockroachDB data store using the hostname of your CockroachDB server.
  4. Connect to your CockroachDB server with your favorite client, script, or BI tool, using the new hostname displayed in Satori.

For complete instructions, you can also visit our documentation page.

What’s Coming Up

Following our recent announcement of MySQL support, as well as this announcement, we are planning to add support for additional data stores. This means that more and more companies will be able to add more types of data to be secured and controlled from a single pane using Satori.

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