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Satori Joins AWS ISV Accelerate

|Head of Channels & Alliances

Satori is proud to announce that we have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate program. Satori seamlessly integrates into the AWS environment to enable secure data accessibility and governance for our joint customers to maximize their ecosystem or technology stack. 


Satori is a Data Security Platform that strives to help data teams enable their users to gain access to data while meeting security and compliance requirements. The inclusion in ISVA shows Satori’s commitment to our customers to enable automated data security through their ecosystem rather than through centralized mechanisms in Satori.  


Close collaboration with AWS helps to empower joint customers to combine AWS product suite and Satori’s automated data security, simplify permissions, and ensure compliance across your analytics BI tools. This partnership empowers joint customers and ensures customer success. 


As part of this commitment, Satori provides seamless integration across the entire AWS environment without needing to change your AWS data or scheme. This partnership provides the necessary data accessibility that helps joint customers take advantage of analytics and AI data security. 

Data Security Solution

As an AWS Differentiated Software Partner, Satori provides users with a data security solution that enhances the accessibility of data while improving data teams’ efficiency. Co-selling initiatives benefit joint customers by enabling them to get the most of their AWS environment while remaining in control of who has access to what data. Joint customers gain faster and easier compliance, security, data governance, and move fast with AI and analytics. 


  • Control how data is accessed and consumed through, a centralized permissions model that enables joint AWS customers with comprehensive data governance so they can enable AI and analytics. 
  • Real-time visibility into data locations and access, eliminates wasted time on manual tracking and applying security policies across multi-cloud environments, so that you always remain compliance ready. 
  • Continuous sensitive data discovery allows users to find sensitive data in your Redshift and S3 warehouses, track data usage in Athena and automatically apply security policies dynamically without needing to pre-configure. 
  • Streamlined data access workflows that enable customers to gain access to data quickly and easily through Satori’s data portal that not only saves engineering time but also enables access to data with no waiting. 
  • Secure and rapid AI and analytics using automated data access and governance without wasting time on managing roles, setting and maintaining policies. 

Joint users can take advantage of fully automated self-service data access. Read more about how Satori, an Amazon Redshift Ready Partner, can help Amazon Redshift users automate secure access to data and provide their data users with self-service data access. 

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Self-Service Data Access

Satori can automatically apply the appropriate security, privacy, and compliance requirements across AWS data stores. Facilitating access to data across the AWS environment not only significantly increases the users’ experience through faster access to data but also increases the time-to-value from data. Simultaneously, this significantly reduces the burden on data teams’ time and resources spent on granting and revoking access to data. 

Implementing self-service data access on AWS is as simple as:


1. Selecting the self-service rule.

2. Configuring the access rules, designation, and revocation rules.

3. Choosing the desired dataset and request immediate access to this dataset.

4. Gaining access to the AWS dataset, with the applicable security policies applied.

Accelerated GTM

The integration opens a gateway to a variety of co-selling initiatives. This benefits joint customers to take advantage of their AWS environment, while retaining data security. The integrated approach helps customers to fully realize their potential of AWS suite of services. 


The strategic step in partnership between AWS and Satori opens the door for accelerating go to market initiatives including:

  • ISVA will continue to open more doors for better together stories with AWS, further integrating products and services.
  • The ability to co-marketing initiatives through the MDF (marketing development fund) enhance the adoption of AWS services through the joint endeavor. 
  • Joint solutions to benefit customers and get the most out of their AWS environment while remaining secure, compliant, and in control.
  • Market expansion through ISVA ensures ease of procurement for organizations or burn down of their EDP (enterprise discount plans) through the AWS marketplace. 
  • The alignment and validation of Satori with AWS is proven through the RDS service ready designation. 


Whats Next

Satori joining AWS ISV Acceleration means that joint customers can seamlessly integrate Satori across the entire AWS environment. This temporary data access ensures joint customers can reliably use analytics and AI while retaining data security. This is further demonstrated through the temporary data access available by integrating Satori and AWS. 


Joining AWS ISV Accelerate further enhances the co-selling initiatives so that joint customers can further reap the benefits of data security in their AWS environment. The Satori is available on the AWS Marketplace so that joint users can get Satori from the AWS Marketplace.

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|Head of Channels & Alliances

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