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Using with Satori for Secure Data Visualization

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Data-driven organizations gain significant value from business insights and a defining characteristic of their success is the ability to take the data they collect, analyze it, and use it to drive business decisions. To accomplish this goal some organizations use is a fully-managed open-source BI tool powered by Apache Superset. This tool enables different teams to access data and create dashboards and visuals that generate business insight.’s main benefits are that it streamlines and enables teams to take data and create dashboards and visuals that are useful for deriving insights from the data. is user-friendly and easily scalable across any data architecture. It primarily works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite. enables its users to generate value from data, but, it relies on the sharing of data, often sensitive data, across multiple teams. Satori’s data security platform provides frictionless access control with built-in security and compliance. 


In this blog, we show how to integrate Satori and so that all users can use for secure data visualization.

Integrating Satori and is popular among different teams such as Marketing, HR, and Data Analysts who use the tool to create graphics for their projects. However, it is often difficult to obtain a complete picture of who is accessing the data that is being shared across different teams. The inability to comprehensively view the implementation of security policies and access to data can result in over privileged users. This leaves the organization vulnerable to security and compliance risks. 


Satori’s data security platform enables secure data visualization in Satori recognizes individual users and implements fine-grained access controls, dynamic masking, and security so that only authorized users can access data through This increases the security of sensitive data while facilitating its use to generate business value in 


The benefit of this integration is secure data visualization which reduces the security and compliance risk. The benefits accrue from:


  1. Improved security. Satori reduces the risk associated with over privileged users by automating the application of security policies and access controls based on individual user attributes. 
  2. Increased Compliance: The ability to identify the end user reduces the security risk and brings the organization into compliance. 


Read more about increasing productivity and security.

Let’s take a look at how to integrate Satori and 

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Most users access data through a single, shared user identity connected to the data store. The problem is that different users access sensitive data with the same username and there is no way to differentiate between their roles or attributes and whether or not they should have access to sensitive data. 


Satori is able to distinguish the individual user by collecting additional information about the BI tool’s environment. Satori uses the additional information and forces the BI tool to send the user’s actual name when connecting to the data store, ensuring that the end user is identified. Satori can now identify individual users within its audit logs and enforce security policies based on the identity of the user. 


When integrating Satori and the connection is a service or run-as account for the database connection with Satori as the endpoint.


Building the connection is easy and similar to other BI tools that Satori supports. You can follow the instructions found here to complete this integration. 

Use Case

Tom is a data analyst who wants to access a dataset: public.v2_people. He wants to create a dashboard that displays a count of the number of individuals who have purchased the product. However, within this customer data, there are a lot of sensitive data including names, emails, SSNs, allergies, etc. For Tom’s analysis of customer counts, he does not and should not have access to this sensitive information. 


Without Satori, Tom would use a generic username and gain access to all of this data, this is a compliance failure leaving the organization open to fines and work delays. It also means that Tom has access to sensitive data that he doesn’t need. 


With Satori, Tom is individually identified as a data analyst and Satori imposes the necessary security policies. This means that either Tom does not gain access to the data at all, i.e. an access denied message.


Or based on his credentials he is granted access to the information but all of the unnecessary sensitive data such as email, customer name, SSN, allergies, etc. are redacted.

Now Tom can go ahead and complete his analysis and create an interesting, interactive dashboard or table using Everyone is happy.


Tom’s security and compliance team is happy because they no longer have to worry about Tom accessing sensitive information. Compliance is met, sensitive data is secured, and Tom can analyze the data to his heart’s content. 


Tom is happy because he doesn’t have to constantly request access, or worry about the security of his data and he can analyze the available data in whatever configurations he wants.

Conclusion is a BI tool that data analysts and many other business analysts find useful for generating reports, interesting dashboards, and informative visuals. Data-driven organizations using a BI tool but without fully secure data visualization leave themselves open to security risks. 


Satori integrates with to ensure that its users can maintain data security with applicable security policies and access controls, reducing the security and compliance risk. Since can be easily applied across different Postgres and MySQL stores it is scalable with the growing data-driven organization’s needs. This ensures that the organization is compliant and secure while deriving as much business value as possible. 


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Ty Alevizos is a Principal Solution Architect at Satori Inc. He has 3 decades of experience in data-related fields, including database management, BI and visual analysis, data science principles, and organizational best practices around data topologies and data security. He graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in music composition, and in his spare time plays jazz bass in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region.

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