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Using Satori & Collibra to Boost Data Governance and Security

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Satori augments your Collibra data governance capabilities and creates a synergy for better DataSecOps across all of your data platforms. Take a look at the many cool aspects of a Satori-Collibra stack and how the two platforms complement each other. But first things first—let’s introduce the two platforms.

What Is Collibra?

Collibra is a data governance platform, primarily used by enterprises with data cataloging and management abilities. It allows businesses to operate data stewardship and act as a single source of truth for data distributed within the organization. The platform allows organizations to extract better value from their data and improve their business decisions by gaining a data catalog with relevant metadata.

What Is Satori?

Satori is a DataSecOps platform that enables data teams to streamline access control and security across their entire data infrastructure at scale. Satori enables organizations to gain visibility into their data access across all data platforms, including the continuous discovery of sensitive data. Satori also enables organizations to manage access control and security policies that are decoupled from the data infrastructure and can be applied directly by data owners (without warranting extra data engineering work).

Better DataSecOps + Better Data Governance

At Satori, we are looking for integrations with platforms that can provide synergy for users of both platforms (our platform and the partner platform). In this case, it is pretty clear that the value of the two platforms together can be a game-changer—for improving both data governance and DataSecOps. As data is tagged in Collibra, the tagging is automatically synchronized with Satori. Satori can then automatically apply security policies accordingly. For example, if a certain location is updated in Collibra as holding sensitive data, it can be dynamically masked from all users who do not have clearance to view such data using Satori features. This scenario is a good example of what DataSecOps is all about—instead of opening a task with data engineering to apply a masking policy implemented as a view in a data platform, a process which may take days, this streamlined integrative feature can be implemented immediately. In addition, as Satori continuously detects sensitive data, it synchronizes the sensitive data locations with Collibra. This feature ramps up your data governance capabilities dramatically creates an agile data governance impact. Let’s examine the two use-cases.

Use-Case 1: Sending Context Tags from Collibra to Satori

For this case, suppose we map a table called “CUSTOMERS” to have Collibra as its source of truth for data tags. We then use Satori to immediately apply security policies on the classified data. Here are the steps:
  1. Go to the CUSTOMERS asset in Collibra and choose the ADDRESS column.
  2. Click on the “tags” icon:
  3. In the tags, choose “ADDRESS” (if you do not have this tag, simply write ADDRESS) and save:
  4. That’s it. Your classification will automatically propagate to Satori and apply to your policies:
In the tag description, you will be able to see that it was inherited from the Collibra data catalog.

Use-Case 2: Sending Context Tags from Satori to Collibra

In this case, we are continuously updating sensitive information that is being discovered by Satori. To synchronize the tags, we are simply performing the following steps:
  1. Access data from the table. For example:
  2. As data is retrieved from the table, it is automatically classified by Satori. The tags are automatically exported to Collibra:
  3. Organizations can then have a data governance workflow around this newly discovered sensitive data.

TL;DR - The Value Added from a Satori-Collibra Integration

Without Integration With Integration
Cataloging sensitive data in Collibra When data is mapped/classified Continuously, as it is being accessed!
Setting access controls over sensitive data, as defined in Collibra A manual data engineering effort that takes time Immediate, regardless of the data platform

What’s Next?

The Satori-Collibra integration is currently in an early availability stage. If you are interested in the integration, or in Satori in general, fill out the demo form below. To understand more about what we do at Satori more broadly, you can also visit our product page.  
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