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Data Governance

Welcome To The Next Phase of Data Innovation

“How do you dance to a decade’s worth of data?” asked Spotify’s global executive creative director Alex Bodman. The answer? A series of remarkable billboards illustrating ten years of the streaming service’s subscriber listening trends. After collecting and leveraging music and podcast enthusiasts’ data to establish itself as a household name around the world, Spotify has reached a new apogee of data-driven strategy. They have found a way to repackage the very information that drove their success into a marketing campaign to draw in new users, and, with them, new data. It is the culmination of digital transformation, the “reimagining of business in the digital age” that, over the course of its evolution, has come to place data at the epicenter of innovation and competitive advantage. Fueled by the explosion of cloud data technologies, the success of companies like Spotify is now determined by the manner in which data drives their business strategies. Along with my long-time business partner and co-founder, Yoav Cohen, I have been keeping a very close watch on this trend and its inevitable cybersecurity risks. Having spent the last nine years at Incapsula and Imperva, we have directly supported the early adopters of digital transformation by building security solutions to offset those risks—enabling them to dedicate their complete attention to achieving their core value propositions instead. The solutions we helped build over the last near-decade were designed to amplify the key business transformations of their time by enabling the explosion of digital services and SaaS. As the digital transformation process itself has evolved, we have witnessed first-hand just how integral data has become to driving innovation in customer engagement models, operating models, and new products and services. Through these experiences, we have realised that implementing a data-driven strategy is key to helping businesses move into the next phase of their digital transformation. With that goal in mind, we set to work on building a solution to help overcome one of their greatest obstacles: data visibility, protection, and governance. Today, I am thrilled to announce the $5.25M seed round led by YL Ventures for Satori Cyber, the cybersecurity industry’s first Secure Data Access Cloud to accelerate data-driven innovation. Organizations are now generating, storing, and analyzing unprecedented amounts of data while also requiring broader and more efficient data access than ever before. However, more data, more access and more regulation represent growing security, privacy, and compliance risks. Many of these risks are currently left unmanaged as security teams are ill-equipped to tackle the vast majority of them. Worse still, cloud data technologies, fueled by growing organizational appetites for data, are providing larger and more scalable data platforms that have created yet another security front for these already overburdened security teams to configure and manage. We designed our Secure Data Access Cloud to account for four foundational truths in this space:
  • Data is a moving target, meaning that both visibility and enforcement must be continuous rather than point in time solutions.
  • The landscape is constantly evolving and organizations are continually adopting new data technologies. Any solution that is attached to a specific set of data platforms are thus destined to quickly become outdated.
  • This is not a greenfield space and companies have already invested in building their data platforms and processes. For this reason, our solution must be able to adapt to the existing environment without disruption and integrate into existing infrastructure without impacting existing usage patterns and tools.
  • Copying data or duplicating infrastructure is not scalable or practical for any reasonably sized organization.
Satori Cyber’s Secure Data Access Cloud provides complete data-flow mapping, granular and contextualized data access policies, and data privacy. With Satori Cyber, organizations can easily understand not only where their data is, but also how it is being used, who is accessing it, and where it is flowing within their infrastructure. This visibility is key to uncovering potential security, privacy, and operational risks. The platform leverages identity, data type, and behavioral context, to allow security teams to finally implement security and privacy-driven policies across their entire infrastructure without the friction of piecing together multiple tools. I invite you to read our whitepaper for a more technical overview of our platform. With the Secure Data Access Cloud, organizations will be able to pursue their data strategy beyond its current potential while building and maintaining customer trust to keep their most valuable data safe. Imagine all of the possibilities that will follow, all of the new ways organizations will be able to leverage this information to innovate and grow. Welcome to the next phase of data innovation; we cannot wait to see where it takes us.   {{cta('778a9365-5cf8-4581-ad78-a18f0273d544')}}
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