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What it Means to be an RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Finalist

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There’s nothing quite like the ingenuity that comes out of the RSAC Innovation Sandbox each year. Having been in the thick of it for 2021, I couldn’t have been more proud to have Satori as a finalist, alongside an impressive roster of start-ups looking to improve cybersecurity across the globe. To that, I’d like to offer a big congratulations to the Satori team, the other finalists, and the winner, Apiiro, for Most Innovative Startup 2021.   The ten finalists all shared novel solutions that meet critical needs in the cybersecurity industry, from identity orchestration to email security to threat intelligence. Being named a finalist in this process separates you as an innovator and means that your solution fills an essential gap in cybersecurity. For Satori, it is the gap in data access.   The modern data infrastructure has experienced a dramatic shift in recent years from both a technology and operations perspective. Companies are remodeling the way they store, use and analyze data. But, we have not seen the same evolution of technologies that address access, security, and privacy, which remain a friction point in day-to-day data operations.   When there is no technology, companies opt to build their own solutions. The typical data platform includes ad-hoc data privacy projects, the introduction of manual workflows for data access provisioning, duplications of de-anonymized datasets for data analytics, and continuous overhead for data engineering and data operations teams. These homegrown compensating controls to govern data access have introduced a strain between IT and security teams and limited companies’ ability to fulfill their data-driven strategies.   The way things currently stand, data is the cornerstone of the enterprise, and companies - especially those whose future growth depends on data and analytics - have a critical need for a solution to better secure and manage it.   Satori is that solution. We’re taking DataSecOps to the forefront and bringing elementary cybersecurity architectural principles into data operations. More specifically, we’re bringing the notion of a universal data access service that sits between data consumers and data stores, serving as a decoupled and centralized control and visibility plane for all enterprise data access. We believe that Satori defines a new category of solutions that will be an elementary piece of any enterprise architecture template ten years from now. Behind this initiative is a diverse team of passionate technologists who enable organizations to innovate and grow. I’m incredibly thankful for my Satori team and their dedication to building the first cloud-native DataSecOps platform to help organizations streamline access to data. We’re working to solve some of the most challenging problems today, and that’s what made us a finalist in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox this year.
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