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Year in Review: Leadership Edition

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It’s been an exciting year at Satori. As 2022 comes to a close we reflected on this past year. It was a year where we developed new innovative products, won awards, signed new clients, provided upgraded services for existing customers, increased our community engagement, and continued to grow and develop.

As we look back on 2022, we asked each of our company leaders to comment on what really stood out for them at Satori this year and describe why it was so impactful. 

Starting with Eldad Chai, Satori’s co-founder and CEO:

For Eldad, this was a year of growth and development for Satori, and the one thing that stood out to him was our ability to help established companies secure their cloud data analytics platforms and products across a wide breadth of platforms. In particular, how we helped a top 5 global beverage company secure their cloud data analytics in Azure, one of the largest AWS customers secure their cloud data analytics platforms on AWS, and a Fortune 500 insurance company secure data-driven product initiatives in the cloud. 

Eldad added that this was significant for him because each of these major milestones represents growth in the Satori brand and products and displays the ease with which Satori can be implemented across a multitude of different platforms such as AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and many others.

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Continuing with Yoav Cohen, Satori’s co-founder and CTO:

Yoav echoed the sentiments expressed by Eldad noting the importance of gaining accounts from established well-known businesses. For Yoav, What is striking about these accounts is the importance that data security plays within the business world, even for Fortune 500 organizations. Satori’s ability to provide a data security platform is reflective of our decade-long experience in cyber security and displays our mission to help security and data teams make secure data the fastest way to get things done.

Yoav also identified the release of the Data Portal as a major accomplishment this year. Satori released the Data Portal in May 2022, transforming Satori into the “Okta for Data”. The data portal allows Satori customers to set up their own data portals quickly and easily. The portal enables customers to apply just-in-time access controls and simplifies the process, reducing the time spent on granting and revoking access and increasing the speed with which data is shared across the organization. This ultimately increases the decision making ability of different teams and increases productivity for our customers. 

Tomer Shani, Satori’s VP of Engineering added his technical perspective on data security solutions:

Tomer thinks that while it has always been a complex domain and no single solution will solve every use-case, our ability to support more data stores stands out in the market. This year for Tomer has been about the coverage of new platforms. What excited Tomer the most this year was Satori’s ability to strengthen the foundation of the data security platform while enabling rapid support of new data stores and expanded use cases.

Our VP of Marketing and Chief Scientist, Ben Herzberg:

Concurred with Yoav regarding the importance of the data portal as one of the year’s most important contributions. He shared that the release of the data portal allows companies to have a data sharing portal that is very quick to set up and enables companies to accelerate data democratization processes in a significant way. One of the key benefits of the data portal is the ability to meet security and compliance requirements for customers in days. The reason Ben mentioned this, in particular, is that it leads to greater customer satisfaction and confidence. Our customers who adopted the data portals reported enhanced operational efficiency and not only do our customers love us – their users do too.

Finishing with Sari Grofitt, Satori’s VP of Human Resources:

Continuing the theme of satisfying customers, Satri was excited by the magnitude and scope of customers who reached out to Satori as a solution to their data security challenges. Sari noted that during the year Satori was recognized as a data security solution and a large number of diverse customers sought out Satori to help with their data security needs. 

She was especially excited about the increased community engagement from Satorians. She highlighted the new outreach programs that were implemented this year and is looking forward to expanding these opportunities to engage with the community in future years.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a happy, healthy, amazing 2023! 

This has been an eventful and exciting year for Satori and as we move into the next year we look forward to our continuing growth and development, offering our customers expansive support, providing innovative data security, and strengthening our community engagement. 


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