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Announcing Satori’s Inclusion in the Microsoft Pegasus Program

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We are excited to annouce our participation in Microsoft’s prestigious Pegasus program. The Microsoft Pegasus program is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to advancing growth-stage startups that have achieved product-market fit in various industries, including AI, health and life sciences, cybersecurity, and retail. 


The Pegasus Program is an extension of Microsoft’s Founders Hub program and aims to foster collaboration between startups and enterprise customers, enabling startups to showcase their innovative solutions and provide value to Microsoft’s customer base. This collaboration enables us to provide our joint customers with enhanced capabilities that leverage the unique strengths of both the Satori and Microsoft ecosystem, offering tailored solutions to address specific use cases and data security.


From the outset, our vision for Satori has been to create a platform that seamlessly integrates within existing ecosystems and technology stacks. We have developed a comprehensive data security platform that enables users and admins to customize and access data securely and immediately;  and seamlessly integrates with the Azure Marketplace. 

Comprehensive Data Security Platform for Microsoft and Azure Customers

Satori’s invitation to the Microsoft Pegasus Program stems from its strong position as a trusted data security platform. Satori strives to provide frictionless, just-in-time access to data, with built-in security and compliance, accelerating any data project and enabling data-driven innovation across the organization. Some of the benefits from Satori’s inclusion in the Pegasus program include:

  • Quick Integration: Azure customers can get Satori’s Data Security Platform directly through the Azure Marketplace. This integration allows customers to leverage Satori’s capabilities for fast and secure access to their valuable data.
  • Accelerating time-to-value: Satori’s self-service data access portal enables Azure users to accelerate their time-to-value from data. By seamlessly integrating Satori into existing infrastructures and scaling it as data usage grows, users can unlock the potential of their data while ensuring security and privacy.
  • Secure Azure data: Satori’s platform is designed to help secure Azure databases, data lakes, and data warehouses. By automating access controls and providing continuous monitoring and management of data access, Satori helps organizations reduce security and compliance risks while maintaining data security, privacy, and compliance.
  • Integration and scalability: Satori’s Data Security Platform seamlessly integrates into any environment, making it easy to incorporate into existing Azure infrastructures. It can scale as data usage increases, ensuring that data-driven organizations can continue to leverage Satori’s capabilities as their needs evolve.

By making Satori available on the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft aims to provide its customers with a trusted and comprehensive data security solution. Azure users can leverage Satori’s technology to maximize the value of their data assets while maintaining a high level of security and privacy.

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Posture Management for Microsoft Users

Satori believes that a Data Security Platform should not only provide data security for data currently accessed, but it should also indicate the potential security risks within an organization’s data.


This is why we’ve added Posture Management to the capabilities of our Data Security Platform. We believe Posture Management is a necessary component of data security platforms so that there is a single platform that manages the current security risk by tracking the security posture of data and access to data, as well as controlling access to data and security policies. To scan the data stores and get the permissions of users to data we use Universal Data Permissions Scanner (UDPS) which we released as a free open-source tool. UDPS scans all data stores, to answer the question of “who has access to what”. Posture Manager manages the scans on a periodic base, analyzes the information, and adds analytics and insights. 

What’s Next

The inclusion of Satori’s Data Security Platform in the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program and its availability on the Azure Marketplace marks a significant milestone for data security and accessibility. Satori’s selection to the elite group of startups recognizes its position as a trusted data security provider committed to delivering a comprehensive platform.

The integration of Satori into the Azure Marketplace empowers Microsoft Azure customers to easily harness the power of Satori’s data access technology. By seamlessly securing Azure databases, data lakes, and data warehouses, Satori enables organizations to accelerate time-to-value from their data while ensuring robust security and privacy measures.

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