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Row Level Security Using Satori on Tableau’s Data Extract
Satori provides row-level security for automated and dynamic security policy implementation on Tableau's data extract.
July 18, 2024
Build a Data and Analytics Governance Framework for AI Readiness
A strong D&A governance framework to scale data securely across multiple data stores and BI...
July 11, 2024
How to be AI-Ready while complying with GDPR and the EU AI Act
Explores how can organizations are AI Ready while remaining compliant and securing data under GDPR...
June 27, 2024
Row-Level Security on Power BI with Satori
Satori provides scalable row-level security on Power BI so that organizations with AI analytics platforms,...
June 20, 2024
Understanding Some of the Potential Challenges of the EU Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act
Organizations using AI and Gen AI are challenged with meeting the new EU AI Act...
June 13, 2024
Satori’s Response to The Snowflake Credential Stuffing Data Breach Attempts Campaign
Satori helps secure Snowflake customers data from an ongoing push to steal data through unauthorized...
June 2, 2024
The Moment We Understood We Help Companies Win With Data
Satori changed its tagline to Win With Data. Never Lose Control to better reflect the...
May 30, 2024
Scaling ABAC on Databricks
Satori automates ABAC on Databricks enabling scalable data access management, based on user attributes, for...
Satori Joins AWS ISV Accelerate
Satori has joined AWS ISV Accelerate program providing joint customers secure data accessibility and governance...
May 16, 2024
How Data Security Platforms Facilitate Data-Driven Decisions
Data security platforms enable the personalization of AI stacks to leverage the potential of structured...
May 7, 2024
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