Access Control

Keeping Retool Access Control Requirements with Satori
Combining the flexibility of Retool with Satori's data security platform provides ease of use while...
December 1, 2022
Why Don’t All Companies Apply Attribute-Based Access Control on Data Access?
ABAC is often implemented to overcome the limitations of RBAC, however, ABAC is not without...
August 24, 2022
Data Access Challenges for Healthcare Companies
The tremendous amount of Healthcare data can generate financial benefits as well as save lives...
August 18, 2022
Zero Trust For Data Access: Why Is It So Important?
The zero trust model requires continuously authenticated, authorized, and validated access to applications and data...
August 16, 2022
When Does RBAC for Data Access Stop Making Sense?
RBAC is a useful model for access control, however, there are some instances where it...
August 9, 2022
Access Control: The Dementor of Data Engineering
Data access control is often described as the Dementor of data engineers due to its...
July 26, 2022
Benefits of a Consolidated Data Access Platform
Managing security and access policies from a consolidated platform simplifies processes and increases visibility and...
June 9, 2022
Satori Announces MySQL Support For Secure Data Access
We’re announcing MySQL support in Satori to help companies secure their data access for MySQL...
April 14, 2022
Asking the Right Question: RBAC vs. ABAC or RBAC AND ABAC?
Before they can access data, users must get authenticated and authorized. In this regard, access...
March 8, 2022
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