Favorite 2021 Blogs: Leadership Edition

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We wanted to do something a little different for the very last blog post of the year. We asked a lot of people what their favorite part of our blog was this year and got many interesting and even surprising answers. Nevertheless, the most interesting responses came from our own leadership team, so we thought we’d share their favorite picks with you.


Satori’s Co-Founder and CEO, Eldad Chai, couldn’t choose just one favorite, so he picked two blogs that he loved because of their unique focus on Access Control.


Eldad’s Choices: AWS Redshift security: Access Controls Explained & Snowflake Security: Access Controls Explained

“I really like the Redshift & Snowflake Access Control Explained blogs. They are two of the most popular blogs on our website, representing the increasing level of interest professionals have in correctly implementing access controls on these two platforms. While Ben Herzberg, the blog’s writer, did a fantastic job breaking down the many capabilities and features available and providing clear instructions on how to use them, access control is still a very complicated task for most organizations. It took a lot of time for Ben to conduct the research and compile these blogs, and we are very proud to provide these very practical guides. We are equally proud to be the only vendor that provides a service which implements the most granular access controls for Redshift and Snowflake quickly, efficiently, and at scale.”


Yoav Cohen, Satori’s Co-Founder and CTO, as might be expected, chose a post about one of our most innovative platform features: Satori’s Self-Service Access Control, which launched earlier this year.


Yoav’s choice: Satori Is Launching Self-Service Data Access

“My favorite blog post this year was the one announcing our Self-Service Data Access capability. I felt that it just really hit the spot. This blog post highlighted the customers’ pain points and the benefits this capability gives them, both graphically and with a demo video. Allowing data-driven organizations to distribute their data access control removes a bottleneck from data engineering, which not only makes data engineers’ lives easier but also generates insights for data consumers much faster. To me, this is a vital part of Satori’s essence: the innovation and boldness to be a true industry leader, one feature at a time.” 


Ediz Ertekin, Satori’s VP of Sales, chose a blog about one of the key partnerships of 2021: the integration between Satori and Collibra. 


Ediz’s Choice: Using Satori & Collibra to Boost Data Governance and Security

"I loved the blog post highlighting our partnership with Collibra because we live in a world of services delivered to us. whether it is integration, movement, cataloging, storing data, authentication, or granular access controls. Easy integration across the stack is a must to enable a successful deployment. The ability to continuously improve tagging and classification - while leveraging Collibra catalog information directly is a truly huge improvement to productivity and freshness of metadata. These capabilities help our customers not only work in an extremely efficient way but also revolutionize their data governance. The demo in the article clearly highlights how efficiently both platforms can work together, making it extremely easy for the reader to immediately understand the value of this astonishing integration."


Tomer Shani, Satori’s VP of R&D, chose a series of blog posts about Data Classification, from the base blog post to the supplemental ones guiding our readers to find the perfect solutions for their data operations.


Tomer’s Choice: Data Classification with Satori, Data Classification Best Practices - Part 1 and Data Classification Best Practices - Part 2


“It’s tough to choose a top pick with so many excellent blog posts coming out, but I think the blog series describing data classification patterns and use cases is my favorite. I like how it reveals difficult challenges and use-cases, highlights Satori’s technological edge, and demonstrates how the proxy approach effectively solves data-centric problems. Data Classification is a daily challenge for all of our clients, in all industries, and in all company sizes. This blog post is written in such a straightforward way that it greatly helps anyone interested in data understand how they can use Satori in their own databases.”


Satori’s VP of Marketing, Gaurav Deshpande, chose a blog post about how Redshift and Looker work together in integration with Satori. The post describes the ideal situation for our clients, who achieve a completely streamlined process for their data on one platform.


Gaurav’s Choice: Redshift, Looker and Satori: Advanced Data Access


“I chose the blog about Redshift, Looker, and Satori because it gives the reader an end-to-end view of DataSecOps with Redshift, one of the most popular cloud data warehouses, Looker, one of the most popular BI and analytics platforms, and Satori, seamlessly providing granular data access without changing Redshift or Looker instances. The benefits of using a Looker-Redshift-Satori stack are that it provides you with simple data access and better data security, governance, and privacy. I like how this blog highlights the importance of a DataSecOps mindset, where the goal is to accelerate access to data (because doing so brings more value) while minimizing security risks.”


We published over 60 blog posts in 2021 and still feel like we have so much more left to share. The #DataSecOps revolution is only beginning, and we can’t wait to share with all of you our thoughts, guidelines, use-cases, and unbelievable Satori innovation in all of our upcoming blog posts in 2022!

We wish you all happy holidays and an AWESOME new year!



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