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Satori’s Data Security Platform Sweeps 33 Badges in G2 Fall 2023 Reports

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G2 just released its Fall 2023 software and data security rankings. G2 awards recognize and rate organizations based on user reviews and feedback submitted on the G2 platform. Therefore, these rankings are based on real user experiences. 

The latest ratings identify Satori as a growing data security leader, picking up 33 badges across several categories and regions. 

Satori is recognized as a data security leader, ranking within the top 10 in this category and ranking #1 for having the best overall relationship for data security, the most straightforward implementation setup, and the easiest to do business with of all the companies listed.

In addition to being recognized as a data security leader, Satori ranked as a leader and high performer based on customer reviews in the following areas: 

  • Cloud data security
  • Data-centric security
  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Data governance, including both enterprise & mid-market
  • Database security
  • Cloud security

The growing recognition of Satori’s Data Security Platform (DSP) to provide data security is reflected in customer reviews and significant improvement in its data security ranking. The self-service automated data access controls protect organizations’ sensitive data and provide customers with a trusted and comprehensive data security solution. 

Highlighted Data Security Awards

Customers identified specific areas where Satori’s DSP is high-performing, including data and cloud data security, data discovery and classification, data governance, and database security. We highlight each of these below.

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Data Security

Data security and cloud data security are now necessities for data-driven organizations. Data-driven organizations rely on the ability to use their data, so it is paramount to ensure that data sharing is quick, easy, and secure. Satori’s automated access and permissions enhance productivity and data sharing without compromising security. 

Satori’s Data Security Platform (DSP) cloud data security through a single console, from which to manage and view all permissions so that sensitive data and usage is tracked across all your data stores. The DSP dynamically applies security policies to ensure that all data is secure and compliant. 

It’s Easy

Having easy and quick solutions for data security is important for fast-paced industries with limited time and resources. G2 identified Satori as the easiest organization in the data security space to do business with. This shows through Satori’s customer support, attention to detail, and ability to respond quickly and diligently to changing customer needs. 

Satori is also easy to implement and scale across a wide variety of different data stores. Full deployment occurs within weeks instead of months, across a wide range of data stores. Implementation is further simplified because Satori universally applies security policies without changing the data model. 

Learn more about how Satori implemented a data security solution for Gong in 6 to 12 weeks. 

Sensitive Data Discovery & Classification

The first step to protecting sensitive data is to know its location. Satori’s automated data discovery and classification capabilities mean sensitive data (PHI, PII, etc.) is consistently updated, discovered, and classified. The data inventory is always up-to-date and sensitive data is dynamically masked. The ability to dynamically apply security policies means that even when sensitive data is discovered, you don’t need to manually configure the location. 

Data Governance

Managing and protecting large volumes of data is now a critical component of any data security strategy. All data-driven organizations must have organizational policies and procedures that govern data management to ensure that data is protected, reliable, documented and controlled. 

Satori provides a comprehensive data governance framework that defines clear data ownership and data quality standards and enforces data access policies. Satori’s automation and real-time monitoring help organizations maintain data accuracy, compliance, and accountability across all cloud data sources. 

Fine-grained Access

Controlling data access is still manual in many organizations. As a recent S&P Global Report indicates, automating data access significantly improves cost efficiencies. 

Satori’s fine-grained data access controls result in more efficient data projects and productivity increases for data teams and data engineering, and DevOps teams. Setting security policies and applying them automatically further saves time and resources. This also results in faster data sharing so that analytics teams can make the most of their data, resulting in greater productivity and faster time-to-value from data.

Self-Service Access

While data security is essential, organizations don’t lose sight of the importance of continuous innovation. Enhancing productivity and reducing the time-to-value from data requires that data is easily shared between teams. 

Satori’s self-service data access and decentralized data access workflows increase the productivity of all data users. Users gain access to data through a personal data portal. Data access is then granted in seconds instead of days, enabling users to generate more value from their data and save time and resources for data engineering & DevOps teams.

Data Access Auditing & Monitoring

Compliance requirements, for example, GDPR and HIPPA, dictate that organizations know who is accessing their data and when. Keeping track of all data access and location is almost impossible without automating permissions. 

Satori’s Data Access Manager provides single-pane monitoring of all access permissions across your data stores. 

This enables organizations to comply with increasingly stringent and complex regulations more easily. It also improves the security posture of the organization with greater visibility and oversight about who is accessing what data, when, and from where. 

What’s Next

Satori’s comprehensive DSP continues to provide strong cloud data security while remaining easy to use. Satori’s capabilities ensure that sensitive data does not slip through the cracks and that your organization has full visibility and control over your entire data stack. 

To learn more about Satori’s DSP, set up a 30-minute consulting call with one of our experts. 

Read more about how Satori secured data access for Wealthsimple.

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