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Satori joins Microsoft Security Copilot Early Access Program

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We’re thrilled to announce that Satori has been selected to participate in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview. This collaboration is not just a milestone for us at Satori but a significant leap forward in the realm of data security and AI-driven cybersecurity solutions.


Microsoft Security Copilot is an innovative security product powered by generative AI to help organizations protect their data at unprecedented speed and scale. Security Copilot leverages Microsoft’s security expertise and global threat intelligence to provide an intuitive interface for security teams to get fast insight into their environments. Security professionals can use this AI assistant for threat hunting queries, incident response guidance, incident summaries, and malware analysis, all using natural language. Advanced security knowledge is made accessible to analysts and engineers of all levels of expertise, helping bridge the skills gap in cybersecurity. 


Satori’s inclusion in this program strengthens our commitment to providing unparalleled data security to Microsoft customers, following our existing participation in Microsoft’s prestigious Pegasus program, as well as our presence on the Azure Marketplace. We are honored to be seen as a trusted data security platform for Microsoft customers, and we’re excited to continue to explore and shape the future of data and security operations together.

Satori and Security Copilot

A major benefit of Microsoft Security Copilot is its ability to centralize and simplify the overwhelming amounts of telemetry that security teams collect to protect their organizations. Security Copilot can help you make better decisions about your security program, including setting appropriate security policies to protect your organizational data. 


With this initiative, Satori continues to provide teams using Microsoft’s security products with comprehensive and efficient data security. Armed with the knowledge to make better security decisions, teams are able to leverage the capabilities of a Data Security Platform for even further visibility, security, and control over their data stores. This enables them to securely share data more quickly and easily to generate faster time-to-value from their data:


  • Data access control: Satori automatically applies your security policies on all your databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, without schema or data model changes. Easily implement RBAC, ABAC, and just-in-time controls, and create frictionless access request workflows with our self-service data portal or via integration with apps like Jira and Slack.
  • Posture management: Satori’s Data Security Posture Manager (DSPM) monitors all user authorizations across your data stores, providing full visibility. Know where all your data is located and who has access to what. Along with Security Copilot, you can use Satori’s DSPM to proactively manage risk.
  • Auditing & monitoring: Easily monitor your data access logs in one central location, with additional enriched metadata and context added. Get customized reports from your data stores and security tools, and apply analytics on your data access metadata.
  • Automated data classification and discovery: Satori continuously discovers and classifies data assets and sensitive data across all your data stores. Define a custom classification taxonomy which is then configured for continuous data discovery.
  • Dynamic data masking: Mask sensitive data, including semi-structured data, automatically according to your security policies across users, roles, and datasets. Create custom, reusable masking profiles that are easy to modify, with changes applied automatically across all your data stores.
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Satori’s participation in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in data security. Satori’s Data Security Platform, known for transforming the traditional data access process, aligns perfectly with the innovative spirit of the Security Copilot. We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up for our customers and the broader data security landscape.


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