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Strengthening Ties: Satori Joins Snowflake’s Premier Data Access Tier

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We’re thrilled to share that Satori has taken the next step in our partnership with Snowflake by securing Premier Tier status. Satori was promoted to this tier based on our growing user base of Snowflake customers securing their sensitive data with our Data Security Platform. This upgraded alliance highlights our continuous efforts to empower Snowflake users with instant self-service data access and best-in-class data security.


With the Snowflake Partner Network, Snowflake customers can take full advantage of tools that integrate with their Data Cloud to serve their business needs. Satori’s vision has always been to create a platform that seamlessly integrates within existing ecosystems and technology stacks. We have developed a comprehensive data security platform that enables users and admins to customize and access data securely and immediately in Snowflake, without affecting your existing BI tools, drivers, authentication schemes, or performance.

Empowering Snowflake Users with a Data Security Platform


Satori’s innovative Data Security Platform (DSP) serves Snowflake customers dealing with inefficiencies and bottlenecks in their data access workflows. Here’s how:


  • Self-service data access: Say goodbye to manual data access approvals. With Satori’s personal data portal, data users can rapidly access or request access to required data, dynamically enforced using your organization’s security policies.
  • Fine-grained access controls: Organize your Snowflake users by access groups and scale RBAC implementation without writing any code. Apply fine-grained access control across one or more Snowflake accounts, based on user identity and context of data, eliminating the need to replicate data across multiple enclaves.
  • Universal data masking: Implement masking, anonymization, and data redaction profiles to known and unknown locations of sensitive data, including semi-structured data.
  • Data classification and discovery: Automated data discovery helps you build a classification taxonomy, matching data to classifications based on data sensitivity. Alternatively, Satori pulls in classifications from your existing data catalog to avoid unnecessary duplicate work. 
  • Automated data inventory: Create and automatically maintain a data inventory in SQL or Python, ensuring secure sensitive data and compliance to regulatory standards. 


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The Premier Tier Partner Status Impact


“We’re excited to have achieved Premier tier status following our track record of enabling Snowflake customers to scale their adoption of data and analytics use cases, faster and more efficiently,” says Eldad Chai, our co-founder and CEO. “Satori’s ability to solve governance challenges while making data access intuitive for users is what makes Satori so popular among Snowflake customers.”

A Look Into Satori’s DSP


For those unfamiliar, Satori’s Data Security Platform is a paradigm shift from the conventional manual data access process. With Satori, users experience:


  • Personal data portal: Users can view all accessible datasets and instantly connect or request access to them without any bureaucratic delays. Integrate access approvals into your existing workflow tools like Slack and Jira. 
  • Dynamic policy application: With real-time application of the relevant security and access policies, users receive secure data access in a fraction of the time.
  • Automated compliance: Data masking is easy to apply and document, allowing data teams to be always audit-ready and comply with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory standards.
  • Comprehensive posture management: Satori’s Data Security Posture Manager (DSPM) allows you to easily track data usage, discover sensitive data stores, and follow the progress of your Satori implementation and adoption.

What’s Next


Our enhanced collaboration with Snowflake reemphasizes our joint pledge to enable organizations to get the most value out of their data, as quickly and efficiently as possible. As Snowflake continually evolves its data cloud capabilities, Satori’s DSP ensures that data access remains both frictionless and secure for all Snowflake users.


Satori’s inclusion in Snowflake’s Premier tier status is not merely a recognition but an invitation to continually innovate and elevate the data security landscape. If you’re curious about whether Satori can help your team solve your data access challenges in Snowflake and your other data stores, book a demo with one of our experts.


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